Food Versus Fuel

Food Versus Fuel

There are few debates here in the Midwest that will create an argument in the local coffee shop than should corn be used for fuel or food. The United States has a wicked dependance on foreign oil and the pollution from burning fossil fuels is killing the environment.


One of the more environmentally friendly ideas is the using biofuels to power out cars. Biofuels are made from a renewable resource, which requires no mining or stripping the land, and burns cleaner. Biofuels have two primary problems. There aren't many cars that can run near 100 percent ethanol fuel and should the materials used to make biofuels be used for food instead.


Food Versus Fuel: An informed Introduction to Biofuels is a high level book that discuss the science and economics of biofuels. For farmers, biofuels is a major boon. They have long fought the constantly fluctuating price of crops as demand decreases and the supply increases. Suddenly, corn and soybeans are being bought by the bushel by companies wanting to turn it into biofuels.


With the demand up and the supply down, the price goes up for the consumer and the farmer can line his pockets. The book provides a very balanced discussion on biofuels, making sure to take a look at the pros and the cons. Anyone living in the Midwest who undoubtedly have biofuel plants nearby should read this and make an informed decision.


The biofuel debate rages on from one end of the country to the other and opinions vary based on everything from location to income level.