Sometimes Reading Isn't Enough

Sometimes Reading Isn't Enough

I have posted reviews of many environmental books over the last few months. They have run the gambit of subjects from conservation to pollution and I have always tried to portray an even handed approach.


I try to identify any biases I see and provide you with an objective account of the various books. One thing I felt I was remiss in telling you is that reading about the environment is only the first step in making a difference for the better.


It isn't enough to know why something is happening, but you should be doing your best to make things better. It can be as involved as creating a local community group that helps clean up highways and other community projects or setting an example for your children when it comes to recycling and environmentalism.


These books provide a wealth of information about the environment and how industry and people can affect it. If you read these books and then live your life as if nothing has changed, then you are part of the problem. You have educated yourself and still refuse to do anything. How can we change the planet for the better, if everyone refuses to take a stand for what they believe in.


I'm not asking you to change your life. I just want to you to make a few positive changes that will have an impact on your local carbon footprint or environmental condition. Use these books as a source of information and then use that information to enact change.