The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About the Environment

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About the Environment

We all know about Sam and his Green Eggs and Ham and about Horton and the Who, but despite the death of Dr. Seuss, books continue to be made featuring his characters including The Cat in the Hat. There has been resurgence over the last couple of years in interest for The Cat in the Hat.

A new television show has brought the car to a whole new generation. One of the ways the cat is becoming popular is in a slate of new books that are both fun and educational. Several of the topics in these books are meant to teach children about the importance of protecting the environment.

There is one where the cat takes Sally and her brother to the rain forest and they discover about the varied life and how it impact the world. The Car in the Hat is a popular children’s character and has a lot of impact on the education of children. By turning the many nonsensical rhymes into a way for children to learn about the environment, children are learning about it at a much earlier age.

While they may find out about it middle school, The Cat in the Hat makes them interested in the environment before they even reach kindergarten. When they do hit middle school, the foundation of environmentalism and conservatism is already deeply embedded in them.

Children are the future of this planet and The Cat in the Hat is a steward of the environment.